Astoria Art Festival

This weekend kicks off the second Annual Astoria Art Festival!  Get out there and see some local art by Queens residents!

The map of bars and restaurants participating in the event can be viewed at the Astoria Art Festival site.

For more background information, check out this article in today’s Daily News.


A Changing Astoria

I have been in Astoria only 4 years, but in that short time I have witnessed how the neighborhood has gradually shifted and changed.  During my first couple of months here I would walk to work, passing by construction on the first Bareburger on 31st Ave.  To me the opening on Bareburger kind of represents the start of my experience of a changing Astoria.   Of course, Astoria has been changing for much longer than that.

On it’s “Lens” blog today, the New York Times posted a photo essay on ethnic identity in Astoria by photographer Niko J. Kallianiotis.  There are some great photographs depicting both the Greek nationalities, as well as others who have moved to Astoria over the years.

I highly recommend having a look!