Wisdom begins in wonder.

Today we went on a Loukoumades ( λουκουμάδες ) hunt.  Loukoumades (which I was corrected at least twice on the hunt), is a kind of fried dough soaked in sugar syrup, honey and cinnamon. All in all, it’s gonna be a lot of sugar. We needed something to relieve the eternal heat that has engulfed us.

Long story short, we came up empty handed. BUT, we were able to score some other items. We wandered over to Titan Foods to forage for any kind of Greek sweets. Titan Foods is pretty exclusive- anything Greek, anything remotely Greek, anything with a hint of Greek- they have it and it’s cheap. They’re the Greek superstore of Astoria. We’ve visited several times in the past, but this time I scoured the aisles in our search. I did find some good priced olive paste, but no, no Loukoumades. Instead, we hit up the bakery though for some Spinach and Cheese Pies:

Johanna and her Spinach Spanakopita (σπανακόπιτα,) , I’m rocking the cheese pocket (τυρόπιτα).

We also grabbed a 1/2 pound of another Greek pastries Touloumbakia (that was freak out full of sugar and honey- this is definitely a gift for my Greek co-worker, I couldn’t finish a single one without feeling a cavity coming on).  We made our way down the street to Ya-Ya’s Bakery,  a place we pass constantly. This seemed to be the Parthenon of Greek pastries. A small bakery, floor to ceiling was packed high with pastries, some crowded into glass cases.

And they had the Greek Donut. There was no name for it, just Greek Donut. for $1.50 you could purchase a ring of fried dough coated with huge granules of sugar, the size of your head. We jetted to Athen’s Park to down the massive pastries.


Ya-Ya’s Bakery


Greek Donut gonna get you.

So far, still no Loukoumades- but we did get all hopped up on other Greek delights. We’re gonna keep hunting until we get them, but until then consider our pastry tour of Astoria incomplete.


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