LIC Flea and Food is Jumping!


LIC Flea and Food!

From 10am-6pm, on Saturday and Sunday, a small corner of the LIC waterfront is transformed into the latest in weekend revelry- a Flea Market.

Long gone are the days of the flea markets where you would haggle over broken kitchen appliances or sifting through Barry Manilow LPs. These days the food and flea markets are a real venue for local artisans and food geeks can sidle up to one another and hock their wares.

This weekend we trekked out to LIC to see what all the hubbub was about. In a corner between all the industrial buildings the tents unfolded. We first hit up the food stalls to see what was happening- Asian BBQ, Empanadas, Baked pies. They really had a wide array representing Queens. I first hit up a South African street food vendor, Woza. I grabbed something called a Boerwors, which is braai (sauage) over pap (polenta) with a sweet tomato sauce.



While I was getting my Boerwor-on, Johanna grabbed a chicken and veg pie.

Since the weekend was a scorcher, really, cooling off with the lemonade from The Butcher Bar was quite the thirst quencher. Since it’s opening in Astoria, they’re really become a landmark in the the area for their grass-fed cuts of beef and sausages (also they cater, which methinks would be a good birthday situation).

Ice Cold Lemonade!

Ice Cold Lemonade!

We passed a few different stalls- a gentleman selling taxidermied squirrel skulls, robot emblazoned t-shirts and a lot of different kinds of jewelry. One good haul was that we finally got the Queens Map that we’ve been eyeing for the last couple of years. Score.

Before heading back to Astoria, we made another swing through the food stalls- the Peruvian manjares (baked empanadas)  from Jessy’s Pastries were out of this world- flaming spicy chicken wrapped in a sweet pastry- couldn’t go wrong here.

Needed to make one more pit stop- Smoky Chan’s BBQ for the pulled Duck Sandwich!

Pulled Duck BBQ Sandwich!

Pulled Duck BBQ Sandwich!


Something that hit us big was the Horman’s Best Pickles stall- tons and tons of different pickles, and since we were having a dinner party later that day- we needed some of these pickles: A pint of the Spicy Sour and the Honey Mustard. Their only online currently, and only taking large orders- so you’ll have to stop by here for your pickle needs.

Slangin' them pickles

Slangin’ them pickles



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