A Song of Ice and… Lemon Ice

Summer is here- and that means a lot to NYC. Beaches are re-opened, all the bars dust off their patio furniture,  BBQ pits are being rolled out. People are finding ways to get back to the rooftops of their apartment buildings and wondering how many people can be up their at once.

Also- trying to keep cool and trying to keep your cool.


The Lemon Ice King of Corona

We trekked out to Corona last weekend to hit up the Lemon Ice King of Corona. Many people may be familiar with it from the opening of King of Queens (yes, the CBS situation Comedy from yesteryear that paid homage to our borough). Corona has been of my favorite places since I volunteered at OpenHouseNewYork and had spent the day at the Louis Armstrong Museum.

The Benfaremo family have been serving up Italian Lemon Ices for some 60+ years. That’s 60+ years of squeezing all sorts of fruit and ice together to make a frosty concoction somewhere between a Snowcone and a… well, it’s like a thick Snowcone.

So many Flavors

So many Flavors



Johanna had the traditional lemon, while I went wild and had the grape. My infatuation for grape flavored anything goes back to grape flavored dubble bubble gum. Something about that artificial grape flavoring. Anyway, what better way to spend a hot day that watching a rousing game of Bocce and eating Italian Ices? There’s something to it.

Raising a Lemon Ice to the Lemon Ice King.

Raising a cup Ice to the Lemon Ice King.

And an extra treat, the King of Queens intro:


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