The Ramen Noodle Solution

Question: What’s the most effective remedy for a cold, wintery “spring” day?

Answer: Delicious Ramen silly!

Tamashii Ramen

To combat a rainy, blustery day today, my sister and I decided to check out brand new restaurant Tamashii Ramen on Broadway (2905 Broadway, Long Island City 11106).

After settling in to the window seat for prime people-watching, we ordered pan-fried pork gyoza, and chashu ramen. At $9.95 for the lunch special, the price was definitely right.  As he tended to my many annoying/embarrassing requests (fork please), our waiter informed us that they had just had their grand opening yesterday.  I have to say, from the quality of the food, you would think that these guys had been around for awhile, because they seemed to have it down pat.

Slightly Shaky Interior of Tamashii Ramen

Slightly Shaky Interior of Tamashii Ramen

The gyoza was delicious, non-greasy and very light. The Ramen was very tasty, the pork tender, and I was loving the bok choy (for some reason I always forget how much I love bok choy). One thing I always pay attention to when eating Ramen, or any soups really, is the salt, and I am glad to say that this place hit the right balance–neither too salty nor bland.

All in all I would definitely recommend checking it out. Lunch for two people, with tea, and appetizer and ramen came to $26 (excluding tip).

On my way back home, I also noticed that on 30th Avenue, there is a new Japanese Restaurant called Pink Nori opening up, across from Create, and next to Antika.  I couldn’t find any info online about it so if anyone knows please keep me in the loop!

Now go out and have some Ramen!

The author happy and full of ramen.

The author happy and full of ramen.


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